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About Us.

Industrial Luxury Group has been producing art and architectural design elements since 1994. We are based in Denver, Colorado.
In working with our wide range of clients over the years, we have evolved our design aesthetic to recognize the importance of finish details making a difference in subtle ways. We create and currate objects that surprise, inspire and elevate.
Now, as a family-run business that is driven to grow and continue our mission of making good things, we are focused on constantly finding new and exciting ways to bring local and international craftmakers and artisans to our showroom and gallery. 
Through this practice, we have opened our first, concept showroom located in the Stanley Marketplace. In addition, we have launched this site - which we continue to build and add to - in the hope that if you can't visit us in person, you can experience our lifestyle brand and energy via this virtual pathway. Please follow our journey as we develop and produce our scheme for building good things and well-designed places.

Abstract painting graphic including lots of green dots


Do you ship your plants?


Truth is, plants just do not fare well in the current shipping conditions we see today. Websites that ship plants don't want you to know this. The extreme temperature changes and rough handling are just not an option for our plants. If you can not visit our showroom in person, it would be better to find a local plant store near you and buy from them directly rather than risk shipping a healthy plant with the odds that it shows up either damaged or dead.



I bought an item online. Can I return it?


Our return policy is very simple: if you bought something you don't want we will help you with returning it for a credit. Please contact us immediately so that we can determine the best way to help you resolve the issue. We reserve the right to determine if an item is eligible for a full refund or store credit.

If something arrives damaged, do not wait to contact us. Please send us photos or other documentation so that we can begin to process your order.  We will attempt to replace the damaged item as quickly as possible.

What is your showroom return policy?


At Industrial Luxury, we understand that our customers may need to make changes to their purchases. In order to make a return, please bring your original receipt (either printed or emailed) with the items to the store. Acceptable returns will be issued a store credit only. Our Store Policy should answer all your questions. If not, please contact us directly.


Our plants are guaranteed to be in good health and thriving when we sell them to you. They are perishable if not cared for. Because of this, returns and exchanges can only be made within 5 days of purchase. Plants that appear damaged by heat or cold cannot be returned. 

It should go without saying but: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LIVING THINGS IN A CAR!


Homegoods and accessories in non-altered, unused condition may be returned within 7 days of purchase for store credit.


Holiday, seasonal,  custom furnishings, lighting and artwork are non-returnable.


Industrial luxury reserves the right to make a final judgement as to the appropriateness of a return. 

Can you ship your large furniture/fixtures?


Yes, we can ship anything. That said, we will quote you a shipping charge for the item. This will include crating and handling before the shipping company accepts the freight. It will probably not be cheap. All freight will be insured and you must specify if you want the freight delived inside your business or residence. (This is usually an upcharge by the shipping company). Not going to lie: shipping these days is atrocious.



Do you do special orders?


Yes we can. We will do our best to locate and procure objects and products that may be out of stock in our showroom  or even something we don't usually carry. Just ask us and we shall try our best.



Do you deliver locally?


We no longer can deliver from our showroom to you directly due to insurance issues. We recommend you contract with a local delivery company who will pick up your items from our showroom and handle the delivery to your business or home. Please see our Store Policy here for more information.

Can you build us a custom piece?

We definitely do custom design and fabrication though our other shop located in Denver.  Check it out here.


Do you rent or loan your planters or furnishings to home stagers and stylists?

The short answer is no, we just can't justify the hassle. However, it all depends on the situation and so just ask us if you have a special project you want to collaborate on and we will look at the circumstance.

Do you teach or host classes and other design events?

We have lots of events planned. Please sign up on our email list to get the latest announcements or check out this page.

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