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Annette Patio Greenhouse.

Well, the entire summer just blew right on by. Now, here in Colorado, we are looking forward to fall, football and the holidays. Where did that time go? Winter is coming.

As an update to the last post, we finished Annette's patio greenhouse addition and it turned out great. From concept to reality, it pretty much ended up being exactly what we designed. They will now be able to serve their customers year round in this unique environment that is not only comfortable, but effective and energy efficient.

We started by adding additional structural supports to the existing infrastructure. This was necessary for the new roof that needs to be able to support the snow loads that Colorado can see from time to time.

Once that was complete, I began the extremely picky-pokey process of adding the Polygal roofing and siding to the structural steel. This included building infill steel structure to support the siding and build up the weather-proofing enclosure. This was not insignificant. There were several times I thought I was going to die working on installing the roof. Not only was it hot, it was pretty high off the ground. Falling off the roof in front of a project I designed was not going to be a good look. I was overly cautions and sweaty.

Roof goes on:

Oh yeah, did I mention lightning? There was lightning...

Once the hard part was done, I proceeded to add the siding. Some pre-planning made this fairly easy.

I added automated ventilation and ceiling fans and the place feels good.

We are waiting on heaters that show up soon and with that, Annette's patio is ready to go!

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