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Hello 2022.

We have no idea what the new year will bring. We do know this however: Industrial Luxury Home will once again, be here for you and your design fetishes and plant-parent obsession. We have tons of new products planned for the showroom coming in the first quarter of the year. To us, brick and mortar is still the best for experiencing what home goods have to offer.

Our Stanley Marketplace Showroom continues to evolve.

We invite you to come see the incredibly unique retail environment we have designed and created. Our showroom has become a destination experience for those visiting the Stanley Marketplace. Our store is something you have never seen before. We are re-imagining the home goods store environment for a whole new generation of retail.

Our plant selection is second to none.

We feel we have created one amazing store here at the Stanley Marketplace. Our customer service is always something we are striving to make better. Our simple goals for this new year are pretty straightforward:

  • Provide the best customer service and design solutions to our visitors.

  • Supply the coolest plants, fixtures, accessories and unique home goods we can.

  • Promote art and craft through hand-made goods from around the world.

If we stay true to our core values and have fun doing this, we think we have a pretty great business going forward this year.

Give our Instagram a follow to see what we're up to.

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