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Hey Look! A New Industrial Luxury Website!

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

We've finally gotten a new website up and running. Well, "running" is a subjective term here. We have the foundation built and live but we are tweaking it non-stop. Check in often as we get this thing off the ground.

A stock image of a dude working on his "website."

We don't really have any good photos of ourselves working on this new site. But we found a photo we think works and just use your imagination that this is me and I am intently focused on building our new site whilst wearing my denim ensemble and meticulously groomed facial hair.

Our online shop is evolving and growing.

We are planning on adding much more to our online store, including pots, artwork, accessories, furniture and lighting and so much more. That said, we have decided to not sell our plants online for a number of reasons but mostly just because we just can't control the experience once the plant leaves our store.

If you have not been living under a rock since 2020, then you know what the state of shipping and mail delivery is now. Shipping live plants? Forget about it.

#website #onlineshop #newbeginnings

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