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New Project Time!

It's Spring so that means a new project landslide! Hell yeah!

Traditionally, in our custom business, January and February are typically slow months for new project kick-offs. We see this trend every year. In fact, I wonder why I even stick around here for January and February. Not sure why I just don't grab our gear and head to the ocean. Maybe next year...

But come Spring it all changes. For us and I bet for you too.

What new projects do you have planned for the upcoming Summer? For the first time in almost, what feels like, 5 years, we are looking at something that doesn't include the word, "pandemic" attached to every activity we have planned. We may even get to fly on an airplane without suffocating, finally.

Our showroom is really growing both literally and figuratively. Our plant selection is booming and we are actively challenging ourselves to procure more and more exotic and rare plant species for you plant parents. In addition, we are bringing in more garden supplies, tooling and equipment to help you achieve outdoor vegetation nirvana. In fact, we are also addressing our customer's requests for more outdoor homegoods and furnishings, exterior lighting, larger planters, raised bed gardens and DIY pergolas. (The "DIY" pergola thing is a great idea in theory but, truth be told, weekend warrior dads erecting pergolas on their own make me a little nervous.)

So what are we doing this Spring?

How about a new exterior patio/greenhouse for Annette at Stanley Marketplace? It's going to be a cool project for sure. Here are some renderings showing what we designed. Permits have been issued and we are starting the project in the next few weeks. Looking forward to building this innovative dining solution for one of the top restaurants in Colorado.

We continue to provide custom designs and furnishings for two of our long-time clients, The Market at Malcolm Yards, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and The Golden Mill, located in beautiful, Golden, Colorado. If you get a chance to visit either of these spaces, let us know what you think!

We keep pushing ourselves to innovate and come up with new products we think you'll love. If you have anything you think we should build, let us know. And, most importantly, if you have a project you want us to help you with, we sure would like to work with you to make it a reality.

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