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Custom Vinyl Mats/Flooring

Custom Vinyl Mats/Flooring

We source hundreds of styles of Adama Alma vinyl placemats and flooring! These can be ordered in standard as well as custom sizes, in any pattern. We can even design a custom pattern for you!


Our catalog is huge, so click the link below to download Adama Alma's current look book and size chart;


Vinyl Placemats and Flooring Online Catalog


Here is how to order:

  1. Measure your space for the size of the mat you want.
  2. Pick the pattern.
  3. We will provide a price that includes the mat and the shipping cost.
  4. We will ship directly to your home or business or you can pick it up in our showroom.


Lead times on our custom-printed or custom-size mats is usually around 2-3 weeks

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